Website Template Creation $175 ($165 for each additional)- price brought to hourly rate if you choose to have your site designed by us.
Basic Website Setup (includes simple logo) $160 + $1/page + $.20/item for web forms.*
Website Maintenance $30/hour with a one-hour minimum rate billed monthly. Time logs are available upon request
Website Technical Consultations $30/hour with a one-hour minimum rate billed monthly. All correspondences are done via email.
eBay® Auction/AboutMe Template
  • $15 if the template matches the website
  • $20 if the template is created from scratch in a single column format
  • $30 if the template is created from scratch with a two-column format
  • Contact us for prices for templates with more than two columns.
eBay® Auction Creation
  • $8 or 4%, whichever is greater, per auction if a template of ours is used
  • $9 or 4%, whichever is greater, per auction if a template is supplied for our use
Website Files Mailed on CD/DVD $10 US-postage paid. Add $7.50 for each additional CD. Add $5 extra for a DVD.
Payment Details

Payment is accepted with the following methods:

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Paypal**
  • *Some large webpages containing large amounts of text or many images will be billed at a slightly higher rate. You will be notified prior to any changes in billing being made.

    **Unless stated otherwise, Paypal can only be accepted for bills $100 or below, and funds must come from a bank account or balance, not a credit card.

    Website Template Creation

    Based on descriptions provided either by telephone, fax, AOL Instant Messenger, or email (preferred to prevent scheduling conflicts), we will render one full web page for your use, including one logo and images provided to us. The template will be worked on until given a final approval. When payment is received, all files will be sent to you and you will own their copyrights.

    If you choose to utilise JKWD for the full creation of your website, the template will become the start of your website and the price lowered to our base rate of $160 for website website creation.

    *Consider that many companies charge in excess of $500 to create only one webpage for your use!

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    Basic Website Setup

    We will create a template from scratch to suit your personal preferences and needs (see above), and then develop your entire page. With information (textual and graphical), as well as personal input, your webpage will be constructed to your specifications.

    If you supply a pre-made template or website for us to use, we will take off 25% of the base price (we still must transfer all files and clean up all coding before proceeding).

    Upon your request, we will find a web host suitible for your needs, as well as a location to register your domain name (such as you will be responsible for all costs involved.

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    Website Maintenance

    We will continually add information to and update your website as needed. If you have a pre-made website and wish for us to assume its control, a $20 fee will be billed in addition to the first month's fee for file retrieval.

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    Website Technical Consultations

    This service is for clients who with to still maintain control of their websites, but may need help in doing so. Via email, we will offer technical suggestions and answer questions on how to fix any website problems you may incur. We will send HTML code as required, or an updated version of a webpage depending on the degree of difficulty a problem's solution entails.

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    eBay® Auction/AboutMe Template

    We will create a template for use with all of your online auctions, or your AboutMe page. All you need to do is insert a title, description, shipping costs (we will have a base price you supply inserted for you to change), and images.

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    eBay® Auction Creation

    With or without one of our templates, we will add your title, description, images, and additional information, and then place your auction online at The auction will be listed under your account and you will be responsible for auction fees.

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    Website Files Mailed on CD/DVD

    Upon your request, we will copy all of your files onto one or more CDs/DVDs and securely mail it to you via USPS First Class mail. Costs for Priority Mail, Airborne Express, or International Mail may be more.

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